EKRAN company is a leading manufacturer of specialized equipment for cinemas, theaters and other culture centers. We also produce various steel constructions for residential and office buildings as well as for public utilities. Our rich technological resources and highly qualified staff allow us to implement even the most complicated projects, consistently achieving the highest quality. Many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing of products ensures the highest quality of each project at affordable prices and reasonable delivery terms.



Among EKRAN partnering companies there are cinema exhibitors, audio-visual systems integrators, producers of complementary solutions and construction companies. We are always open to cooperation with new partners and we are not afraid to implement projects in any place all over the world. Thanks to our adhered values and attention to quality, we have won the trust of regional and global leaders in cinema and construction industries.




Starting from 2000, EKRAN company provides innovative products in the field of cinema equipment, contributing to dynamic development of cinema industry in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe. World-unique screen frame structures, a flagship product of the company, allowed regional exhibitors to build cinema facilities that meet the highest world standards of movie projection, while maintaining both the budget and the deadline for completion. High quality of offered products and services and extremely good value-for-money ratio quickly caught the attention of leading exhibitors and integrators from other European countries and from around the world, building reputation of EKRAN brand among an ever-growing group of satisfied clients. Our continuous work on new solutions and technologies and advanced cooperation with leading global providers of complementary solutions allowed us to expand our product and service range for other than cinema industries. Hundreds of implemented projects allowed us to acquire huge experience both in production and in installation of products, placing EKRAN company among global leaders in the specialized cinema equipment sector.



The most important task chosen by EKRAN company is to provide cinema exhibitors with comprehensive, low budget solutions in specialized cinema equipment products, especially innovative, integrated screen systems. We believe in values that are most appreciated by our partners, such as flexibility of delivery terms, the highest quality of offered products and great value for money, no matter how complex the project or its location is. Each project is equally important to us and meeting specific project requirements is a basis. Our partners’ satisfaction is what we value most, therefore we take the utmost care to implement each project with total commitment and care for details.



EKRAN company aims at becoming a global leader and a quality mark in low budget solutions for integrated cinema screen systems. We also want to systematically increase the share of our other products in the local and global markets. We plan to accomplish the above goals by building the awareness of our products and services among exhibitors and integrators all over the world, showing them added value generated by unique constructions produced by us. Moreover, we continuously aim at developing experience and qualifications of our staff, both in designing solutions and in manufacturing and installation so as to guarantee the highest possible quality of implementation.



EKRAN  has successfully passed the assumptions of the factory production control, which allowed us to certify our products with the CE mark. We have welding certificates in accordance with EN1090-2 and the conformity of the factory production control on the supporting elements made of steel, according to EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011 Our employees are certified CSCS, PASMA and Site Supervisor, which are necessary to work in the UK.

Our successes:

Cinema screens

We have supplied over 2100 screen frames worldwide


We have completed over 600 projects worldwide and counting

Largest screen in Europe

Screen frame with masking in premiere auditorium of Multikino Złote Tarasy in Warsaw

Largest screen in Switzerland

'Floating' screen frame in Arena Mega in Geneva

Largest screen in Pakistan

Screen frame with masking in Nueplex in Karachi

Largest screen for Nordisk Film

'Floating' screen frame in premiere auditorium of Imperial in Copenhagen

Largest multiplex in Poland

20 screen frames in Cinema City Bonarka in Cracow

4DX Effect Bar System

We have supplied effect bars for 4DX halls


Leaders in cinema and construction industries highly value our products and services

Our partners: